26 May 2009

The best part of teaching

Honestly...I love teaching pickup. I have three passions in life; pick-up, making money, and going on adventures. Slightly broad but it's true.

I think the best part of teaching pick-up is watching a young man gather his confidence and become more successful in life as a direct result of it. Also to know that you had something to do with it just makes you feel...proud. I have a protege that I'm actually proud of. He went to great heights in pick up and in life. He carries himself with more confidence, he gets much more respect from his peers. It's a beautiful thing

Contrary to popular belief, pick-up isn't even about "having sex with women". I mean it is a perk, but it's not the point. Just being able to know that you have enough confidence in yourself to be able to approach any person and create a relationship is a wonderful thing. It also carries over into other parts of life. If you know that you can do the impossible, start a random conversation with a woman that you believe is out of your range, then noone can really tell you anything. And honestly as a good note to women, as a man it is the best feeling in the world just to have a woman you didn't think would give you the time of day actually build attraction for you. Amazing feeling.

Anyway that's all I had to say about that. And to all of my students that have made their lives more successful...I'm proud of you. Really.


  1. Guess your blog didn't take off. Too bad your comment at problogger was a waste!

  2. Yea, totally fell out of the life. School and work have gotten the best of me. Thanks, I needed that. It's about time I got back into it.