25 June 2009

Being the Oracle (and why it sucks)

I have an interesting skill. I have the ability to observe a social situation and foretell the outcome. It's an interesting double-edged sword. I've learned through many years of social observation and engineering what people are likely to do and how others are likely to respond to it. I probably should never have read books such as the 48 Laws of Power, The Prince and other works of that caliber.

The reason it is a double edged sword is the fact that it allows me to avoid negative situations and give advice to people when they end up in certain situations. It's bad however in the fact that people don't listen and that sometimes it's good to be in negative situations. You gain experience and general life knowledge that you would not have otherwise. Which is also why it is always advantageous to meet new people. Everyone has that something special that enriches your life in some way shape or form. I dated a woman here in Germany for a while and at first, after it was over, I thought that it was a complete waste of my time. However, with much thought I came to the realization that through her I learned many valuable things. I learned German, I learned what i was not looking for in a woman, I learned that I can't give my heart to someone when someone else has it, I also learned the ins and outs of the city of Mainz and how to get around without a car.

I digress, one of the worst feeling is to foresee a negative situation and not really be able to do much about it. Generally people, especially those with large amounts of self-confidence, believe that they know exactly what they're doing and what they're about to get into. Those types of people are not very apt at taking advice. In lieu of that I have decided become a life coach and in doing so will not give out free advice to those that don't want or will not receive. Nothing against any of you but lessons are better learned first hand...

26 May 2009

The best part of teaching

Honestly...I love teaching pickup. I have three passions in life; pick-up, making money, and going on adventures. Slightly broad but it's true.

I think the best part of teaching pick-up is watching a young man gather his confidence and become more successful in life as a direct result of it. Also to know that you had something to do with it just makes you feel...proud. I have a protege that I'm actually proud of. He went to great heights in pick up and in life. He carries himself with more confidence, he gets much more respect from his peers. It's a beautiful thing

Contrary to popular belief, pick-up isn't even about "having sex with women". I mean it is a perk, but it's not the point. Just being able to know that you have enough confidence in yourself to be able to approach any person and create a relationship is a wonderful thing. It also carries over into other parts of life. If you know that you can do the impossible, start a random conversation with a woman that you believe is out of your range, then noone can really tell you anything. And honestly as a good note to women, as a man it is the best feeling in the world just to have a woman you didn't think would give you the time of day actually build attraction for you. Amazing feeling.

Anyway that's all I had to say about that. And to all of my students that have made their lives more successful...I'm proud of you. Really.

Approach Anxiety

Everyone gets approach anxiety. Even I got approach anxiety this past Sunday, and honestly I'm glad I did because it gave me the perfect thing to say to my students.
I understand how you feel. Sometimes you see a woman that hits so many of your attraction triggers that you get stuck. I haven't been stuck in a very very long time. It's actually irritating. She was beautiful though. Even skintone, long curly hair, curves out of this world. I mean everything was on point. And honestly...I, Mickey Bricks, paused and lost my 3 second window. Then after that I had time to think. Which is the worst thing you could possibly do when it comes to approaching women.
Anywho I finally got the courage with the help of a wing (This takes a lot for me to admit this) and it turns out that she was with her sister who was really controlling over her when she goes out. I opened her by asking if she was shy. I said I saw her looking at me repeatedly and I was surprised that she didn't say hi.
She said she wanted to but couldn't because of her sister. So she asked her sister and her sister said I was really handsome and yes we could talk. Strange but interesting.

anyway the moral of the story is...You'll regret the things you never do far more than you will feel bad for the things you have done and messed up. Besides while you think she's the most beautiful woman walking on the earth...she proabably thinks you are the most handsome guy on earth as well. You'll never know until you find out.

14 May 2009

Buy you a drink...really? (Also posted on http://Ihitonyou.com)

I was at a nightclub one day just chilling in one of the seats near the bar. Minding my own business enjoying my Hennessy and Coke when a kinda cute female walks up and says hi. Always one for a quick convo I returned the greeting and offered her a seat. So all of a sudden the second thing to come out of her mouth is:

“Will you buy me a drink?”

Now honestly I’m not one for buying girls drinks for the simple fact that I’m not charitable enough to support your drinking habit as well as mine. So ladies out there if you’d like to flirt with a guy never ask him to buy you a drink. This happens to me all the time.

Just start a conversation with me and if I notice that you are lacking a drink I might kindly offer one. MIGHT. I mean honestly you'd probably get one but asking me just automatically put's my gold digger/leech shield up and I'll probably just walk away from you. Asking a guy for a drink is pretty much telling him that noone else is paying you enough attention to do so and you’d love to leech off someone. Maybe it’s the only think you can think of…try something else.

12 May 2009

I'm a Professional Liar

Another field report/gambit for you guys.

So one night two friends of mine and I were walking to a nightclub and got stopped by a HB9 Romanian female (Romanian Women are Awesome) We give and recieve the usual greetings and she asked us where we worked. My friends quickly replied and I stayed silent. That's when she turned to me and asked "What about you? What do you do?"
I asked her why does she want to know. She replied "Because I asked and it's a socially acceptable and usual question."

"Hmm...that's pretty good." I said "Give me 2 more reasons why I should tell you what I do. I mean I don't know you well enough to divulge that sort of information just because you asked."

"Fine, I'll play your little game." She rolled her eyes a bit but still smiled. "Because I'm a nice person, and because I'm cute"

"Ok, that works. I'll tell you. I'm a proffesional liar...and you are cute."

Blew her frikkin' mind. About 30 minutes later I had her licking my face like some bad late 80's music video. But that's another story.

05 May 2009

The "Be my girlfriend for about five minutes opener"

I'm a huge fan of request openers. or what some call compliance openers. That's when you make a target do something out of the ordinary for a stranger like do a spin or strike a pose. Or one of my all time favorites for when I'm in the club and don't feel like making it rain asking every female I come across what they're drinking and taking a sip.

First of all you use compliance escalation and commitment and consistency when you use a request opener. It's just like NLP. You say something like

"Hey, check it out miss lady (my personal slang, for some reason it trips women out when you call them ladies and it always leads to another awesome gambit)
Would you do me a favor? (she says yes good old commitment and consistency should make the rest of the night smooth, and she's pretty much obliged to say yes according to the laws of general civility and social structure)

there's this creepy chick following me around the club trying to get me to buy her a drink (address the whole set but aim it towards the target, a little body language should make it easy)

She's right over there (The first time I used this there actually was a chick chasing me down for a drink. She couldn't think of three reasons why she deserved one...so she wasn't about to get one from me. If you can't find a creepy girl to follow you a good pivot could help with this part)

She keeps following me and it's tripping me out (Social proof, there's a woman that you are running AWAY from. Also try to duck behind the set as the stalker scans the area.)

(At this point one of the members of the set should be asking what do you want us/me to do. If your body language pointed the question right the target should be the one asking)

Pretend to be my girlfriend and tell her to leave me alone (At this point the obstacle will most likely ask her friend wtf she's thinking doing this. Usually the target says "Come on, it sounds like fun)

At this point put your arm around her or let her grab your arm and parade her around a bit until you approach the stalker. She's now running a program in her head basically NLP'ing herself into saying that she is in fact your girlfriend. Not only that but she's also going through the motions of actually FEELING what it's like to be your girlfriend.

And of course when she does approach the stalker female even more NLP to herself when she explains to the stalker that YOU ARE HER BOYFRIEND and the stalker should leave you alone.

As an end bonus I myself am a huge fan of push/pull so I like to immediately break it off interrupting her dream trance NLP state abruptly by saying Thank You you're awesome giving her a kiss on the cheek or the hand maybe a wink and whispering that I hope to see her later. 9 times out of 10 she will want that dreamstate back and pretty much stalk you for the rest of the night. because everytime she sees you especially with another girl she's going to feel that twinge of jealousy that she lost a boyfriend that she never really had. Law of persuasion people value what they've had and lost more than anything else.

This opener is also good for that creepy possibly gay guy that thinks youre awesome and keeps shaking your hand and buying you drinks (or does that only happen to me?). The three times I've used this opener is with the three LTR's that I'm still with at this very moment, and have been for about a year now. So it's been field tested Pick-up approved.

04 May 2009

A PUA Reborn

Hi my name is Mickey Bricks, or at least that's my PUA name, and I'm a Pick-Up Artist, or at least i was at one time. I've been in a semi-serious relationship for the past...I don't know...8-9 months and I finally ended it. So...now that I'm single again it's time to pick up the old Pick-up crown and run amuck once more. Now I'm sure it's like riding a bike but i wanna make sure I get into this thing and hit the ground running on all pistons so i'm going to embark on a fantastic voyage (copyright Coolio) and do the Style-Life Challenge. I invite you all to join me on this trip...hence the blog. So this blog will be about my life as a PUA on the comeback...amongst other quirks that are my life right now...enjoy