26 May 2009

Approach Anxiety

Everyone gets approach anxiety. Even I got approach anxiety this past Sunday, and honestly I'm glad I did because it gave me the perfect thing to say to my students.
I understand how you feel. Sometimes you see a woman that hits so many of your attraction triggers that you get stuck. I haven't been stuck in a very very long time. It's actually irritating. She was beautiful though. Even skintone, long curly hair, curves out of this world. I mean everything was on point. And honestly...I, Mickey Bricks, paused and lost my 3 second window. Then after that I had time to think. Which is the worst thing you could possibly do when it comes to approaching women.
Anywho I finally got the courage with the help of a wing (This takes a lot for me to admit this) and it turns out that she was with her sister who was really controlling over her when she goes out. I opened her by asking if she was shy. I said I saw her looking at me repeatedly and I was surprised that she didn't say hi.
She said she wanted to but couldn't because of her sister. So she asked her sister and her sister said I was really handsome and yes we could talk. Strange but interesting.

anyway the moral of the story is...You'll regret the things you never do far more than you will feel bad for the things you have done and messed up. Besides while you think she's the most beautiful woman walking on the earth...she proabably thinks you are the most handsome guy on earth as well. You'll never know until you find out.

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