04 May 2009

A PUA Reborn

Hi my name is Mickey Bricks, or at least that's my PUA name, and I'm a Pick-Up Artist, or at least i was at one time. I've been in a semi-serious relationship for the past...I don't know...8-9 months and I finally ended it. So...now that I'm single again it's time to pick up the old Pick-up crown and run amuck once more. Now I'm sure it's like riding a bike but i wanna make sure I get into this thing and hit the ground running on all pistons so i'm going to embark on a fantastic voyage (copyright Coolio) and do the Style-Life Challenge. I invite you all to join me on this trip...hence the blog. So this blog will be about my life as a PUA on the comeback...amongst other quirks that are my life right now...enjoy

1 comment:

  1. I will follow you through thick and thin Mickey Bricks!!