14 May 2009

Buy you a drink...really? (Also posted on http://Ihitonyou.com)

I was at a nightclub one day just chilling in one of the seats near the bar. Minding my own business enjoying my Hennessy and Coke when a kinda cute female walks up and says hi. Always one for a quick convo I returned the greeting and offered her a seat. So all of a sudden the second thing to come out of her mouth is:

“Will you buy me a drink?”

Now honestly I’m not one for buying girls drinks for the simple fact that I’m not charitable enough to support your drinking habit as well as mine. So ladies out there if you’d like to flirt with a guy never ask him to buy you a drink. This happens to me all the time.

Just start a conversation with me and if I notice that you are lacking a drink I might kindly offer one. MIGHT. I mean honestly you'd probably get one but asking me just automatically put's my gold digger/leech shield up and I'll probably just walk away from you. Asking a guy for a drink is pretty much telling him that noone else is paying you enough attention to do so and you’d love to leech off someone. Maybe it’s the only think you can think of…try something else.

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